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With a professional Carpet Repair we can make those unsightly split joins, tears, cigarette burns, bleach spots, iron burns, and flower pot holes disappear!
In many cases we are able to invisibly mend you carpets and rugs, so that no one would ever know the difference. And unlike other repair companies we don't cut big holes in the carpet or glue in bits of wool. We will retuft the carpet where possible, this means we sew new tufts into the backing of the carpet. This is time consuming, but this is the way the carpet is originally made, making it a perfect repair.  
We can not give a quote over the phone for this service, as every repair and carpet is different, but we can
attend your property and give a free no obligation quote, and if you are happy, we can usually do the repair there and then.    
Don't throw out your valuable carpet or lose your deposit on a rented home! Get it repaired for a fraction of the cost of replacement.
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