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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet And Upholstery Cleaning
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If what you want is a cheap, brush the dirt of the surface carpet cleaner, then we respectfully ask that you call another company. If you want to protect you and your families health by not only removing dirt but dust mites, bacteria, pollens, pollutants and even E-coli and MRSA then you are invited to call.  
One of the main concerns from our customers is moving furniture....DON'T. We will move any furniture enough just so we can clean underneath, then we will carefully put it back in place with special protectors under legs of chairs and tables. We are also asked how long the carpet  will take to dry. Depending on what system we use and the material/pile type, but usually dry within 2 hours if we use the hot water extraction method.. We can however use turbo drying machines to have  instantly dry.                        
CleanMaster use Natural products derived from renewable/sustainable sources  
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